The Histocompatibility and DNA Laboratory


The Histocompatibility and DNA Laboratory is located in the third floor of the Medical Sciences Campus, School of Medicine, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Suite B-310, at the Puerto Rico Medical Center.

Working Hours

The regular working hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Cadaver workup (typing and crossmatch) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Services Offered

Histocompatibility : Provides testing for Class I and Class II HLA by molecular serologic and by serologic techniques for purposes such as identification of the best possible donor for a patient in need of a transplant, typing cadaver donor, disease association, crossmatch for solid organs and paternity evaluation.

Parentage Testing : Provides DNA (RFLP) testing for child support offices and private parties.

Consultation: The medical faculty, supervisor and technologists of the laboratory are available for consultation. Our laboratory staff is committed to helping you to provide the best patient's care.

STAT Testing: Stat testing is available for cadaver workup (typing and crossmatch procedures).

HLA and DNA Laboratory Catalogue

View PDF Document Specifications for specimen collection and special instructions for each test are available in the HLA and DNA Laboratory catalogue(32KB).

List of Tests

  • Cadaveric Donor Evaluation

  • Crossmatch, cadaveric donor (heart) Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity AHG

  • HLA-B 27

  • HLA Typing (A and B locus)

  • HLA Typing (DR and DQ Locus)

  • HLA Typing DRB and DQB 1 by SSP (Low Resolution)

  • HLA Antibody Detection

  • Parentage Testing Assessment

Laboratory Staff & Contact Information



Consuelo Climent, M.D., Laboratory Director/Technical Supervisor

(787) 766-3150

Román Vélez Rosario, M.D., Associate Laboratory Director

(787) 766-3150

Sara Gorbea, M.T., General Supervisor

(787) 766-0728

Delia Rivera, M.T., Medical Technologist

(787) 766-0728

Glenda Rivera, M.T., Medical Technologist

(787) 766-0728

Luz V. González, M.T., Medical Technologist

(787) 766-0728

Mireya Ronda, Accountant

(787) 758-2525 ext. 1332

Glorimar Valette, Secretary

(787) 758-2525 ext. 1333

Laboratory Accreditation

Health Care Financing Administration (CLIA certificate number 40D0658324)
Puerto Rico Department of Health (Lic. 596)
American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI), 11-3-PR-02-1
UNOS #03PRtl